Tips For Properly Maintaining And Repairing Your Arcade's Pinball Machines

Today's arcades are usually filled with kids playing computerized games. While computer technology has changed the world of playing games, many arcades still make a great deal of money from pinball enthusiasts. If you own an arcade and have one or more pinball machines, taking steps to maintain them is extremely important. Some pinball machines are vintage styles and worth a lot of money, so caring for them is the best way to protect your investment in them. [Read More]

Three Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful times in a bride's life. When you are looking for a photographer, it can be difficult to make a choice if you have never had to hire this type of professional before. The following tips will help you sort through the available options and choose the right photographer for your most special day. Basic Questions When comparing wedding photographers, it's important to ask about the basics first. [Read More]

Four Reasons To Rent Round Tables For Your Next Event

If you are planning a wedding, conference, or banquet and you are renting tables and chairs, you will have to decide the shape of your tables. While many rental companies may steer you towards rectangular tables because they are easier to load and deliver, there are reasons that round tables may be your better choice. Here are a few points to consider in your deliberations.  Round Tables Provide You With More Seating Options [Read More]

Tips For Managing Tattoo Pain

If you are planning on getting a tattoo, you know that the procedure is not going to be entirely pain-free and expect that fact. This is good because it will allow you to prepare for the pain ahead of time so that you can enjoy the experience of getting your tattoo, rather than suffer through it. Here are some tips for managing that pain. 1. Choose Areas That Aren't as Sensitive [Read More]