Tips For Properly Maintaining And Repairing Your Arcade's Pinball Machines

Today's arcades are usually filled with kids playing computerized games. While computer technology has changed the world of playing games, many arcades still make a great deal of money from pinball enthusiasts. If you own an arcade and have one or more pinball machines, taking steps to maintain them is extremely important. Some pinball machines are vintage styles and worth a lot of money, so caring for them is the best way to protect your investment in them.

Put Together A Toolbox Just for Your Pinball Machines

No job is easy without the right tools. If you are going to make any repairs on your pinball machines, you will need the tools for doing so. Be sure to include riveters, crimpers, and a stapler for attaching ground braids, a set of magnetic screwdrivers, and a set of files. You should be sure to have a scalpel blade, a utility knife, and extra scalpel and razor blades. In some cases, maintaining your pinball machine might include scraping off built-up debris from the playing field. Be sure to have a soft brush and 400 grit sand paper for removing debris that has hardened onto the surface of the playing field. Level, foam cleaning swabs and a drill with various bits is best to include in your pinball machine tool box as well. Purchasing a volt ohm meter is a good idea. You can find some toolboxes already put together at retailers selling pinball accessories and tools.

Document Your Maintenance And Repairs

When you start a repair on a pinball machine, taking the time to take photos of how the parts were before you begin dissembling them is a good idea. If you run a busy arcade and get interrupted during your repairs, knowing exactly how parts go back is useful, especially if you are a novice at pinball repairs. Keeping a notebook with all the images you take is best to save time if you have to go back and make some of the same repairs later on.

Remember One Vital Aspect Of A Smooth-Playing Pinball Machine

One part of your pinball machines that is absolutely vital for players to experience a smooth playing experience is the ball. The balls used in pinball machines are not expensively made and will get roughened with game play. When a ball has a rough surface, it can tear up the decals and art on the playing field. A rough ball can make it hard for smooth plays as well, especially the ones that involve bumpers pushing the ball into a desired pocket or up a ramp. Changing out your pinball machine's balls as soon as you can feel their surface becoming rough is a good idea to keep your gamers coming back for more.

Pinball machines have a certain nostalgic appeal and playing one can certainly be a one-of-a-kind experience. By taking the time to learn more about maintaining and repairing your pinball machines, you can ensure your players always have the best experience when playing. For more information, contact local professionals like Great Selections.