Four Reasons To Rent Round Tables For Your Next Event

If you are planning a wedding, conference, or banquet and you are renting tables and chairs, you will have to decide the shape of your tables. While many rental companies may steer you towards rectangular tables because they are easier to load and deliver, there are reasons that round tables may be your better choice. Here are a few points to consider in your deliberations. 

Round Tables Provide You With More Seating Options

One of the first things that you must consider is your seating layout. This not only includes how many people are you going to have to seat in your space, but who needs to be seated together, and what to do when you have an odd numbered group. When you use round 60-inch tables, you can seat anywhere from eight to ten adults, and 72-inch tables will seat ten to twelve people depending on how much space you want each person to have. 

While this compares to the eight to ten adults that you would be able to seat at a 8' x 30" rectangular table, but the difference is that you will not have to split up a pair of co-workers or a couple to sit someone at either end of your table. When you use round tables, it will not look strange, odd, or like someone is missing if you have an uneven number of people in a group or party.

Round Tables Promotes Better Communication

When you use round tables, everyone seated around the table is an equal distance from each other, as well as an equal distance from any decorations, condiments, and other materials that may be in the center of your tables. This is unlike rectangular tables where the distance between your guests will vary anywhere from three to more than eight feet. This allows for a better flow of conversation, socializing, and access to each other. 

If your event is designed to be a learning environment versus a social venue, round tables will promote easier work groups, and will encourage a better sense of being a group. This will allow each of the group to have better eye contact with each other, which will encourage better bonding and promote more discussions. 

Round Tables Eliminates Seating Hierarchy

It is often difficult to decide who to sit at the head of a table. If you seat one person there over another, you could be viewed as honoring that person more than another or giving that person more power than another, as this seating position is often viewed as one of importance or power. When you use round tables there is no one in this seat. All seat are of equal importance and power. 

Round Tables Eliminate Sharp Edges And Corners

Have you ever been navigating your way through a banquet room of tables and bumped up against the corner of one? Not only does this hurt, but it can be dangerous, especially if you have small children who will be attending your event. With round tables, you do not have to worry about any sharp edges, and although the table will still have an edge, it is less likely to cause physical damage when it is bumped than a corner would. 

Round tables can be an attractive element no matter what your venue or event is. They are easier to decorate since they have a natural center, and they create symmetry within your space. If you are still unconvinced that round tables would work the next time you need to rent tables, get a feel for what your space would look like by drawing out your design on paper. You may see that not only would round tables work, but that you may like them in your space better.  For more ideas, contact a company like Party People Rentals & Sales.