Why Escape Rooms Are Great For Corporate Team Building

Teams that work well together are more productive and are less likely to experience conflict. Team-building exercises can help your team to function better as a unit. However, for these exercises to be effective, they need to be well-thought out so that they do not seem simply like a burden rather than a fun game. If your company is looking for a team-building exercise, one option you might want to consider is an escape room. Several companies around the world have escape rooms in which the participants must find a way to escape by solving puzzles. Typically, there is a key within the room, and challenges must be solved in order to locate the key and escape.

Think About What You Want To Accomplish

Consider whether an escape room will build the skills that you are trying to cultivate in your employees. For example, team-building exercises build problem-solving skills, collaboration, communication skills, and team bonding. The escape room is a situation that places employees under pressure so that they can have practice handling challenges under pressure.

Part of what makes room escape well-suited for corporate team-building exercises is that they are designed to be challenging. There are too many activities that appear geared toward simply providing participants with a feel-good participation trophy, which won't provide your team with the benefits that you're looking for.

Place Emphasis On Team

One of the great things about an escape game is that it is a team event. There is not one individual who escapes without the rest of the team. When members work together and share information about the room and how the room can be bested, they will all escape together. 

Help Employees Learn To Come Up With Simple Solutions

With escape rooms, it is a good idea for the group to try to come up with an obvious, logical solution to a problem. However, at some point, it may be necessary to try something unusual or weird. This can be an effective way to get your employees used to thinking outside the box. However, there are some rooms that are very obviously based on cause and effect, and trying to overthink the room can reduce the chances that you will find a way out. 

After a successful escape from an escape room, make sure to treat your employees to some food and drink. They earned it, and they may feel a closer bond after undergoing the experience together.