Mini-Golf Tips To Share With Your Kids

For many families, mini-golf is a part of many vacations. The game is a fun way to spend time together, and the creativity put into designing the scenery at the mini-golf locations around the country often contributes to an experience not to be missed. However, swinging the putter and not having much luck can sometimes put a damper on the outing. Use these mini-golf tips and teach them to your kids so you can all improve and have more fun.

Get a Putter in the Right Size

Instead of just picking putters based on color, act like a pro by starting with a putter that's the right size for you. To know that a putter is suitable, hold it next to your leg; if the putter's top is right at the belt line, it's likely a good choice. At that height, your hands should grasp the putter near the middle.

Check Out Ball Speed

While everyone might be excited to run through the course right away, if you hope to do well, it's smart to wait a few minutes and just hit the golf balls around. You'll get a feel for how fast they travel on the surface of the course so that your swings can be more accurate once you start trying to get balls in the hole cups along the way.

Don't Aim for the Hole Cup on the First Swing

While everyone wants to be a mini-golf superstar and hit the popular "hole in one," it's wise to remember that courses are generally designed with the idea that they should be challenging so that it's not that easy to hit the hole cup with one swing. To increase your chances of taking fewer strokes overall and having a better chance of winning the game, think of an imaginary straight line from your putter to somewhere in the distance near the hole cup. Then, on your next swing, aim directly for the cup itself.

Look at the Course Surface Around Each Hole Cup

If possible before taking your turn at each hole, look around with a purpose instead of being distracted by the animals or other shapes in the area. Pay careful attention to the surface of the artificial grass to see if there's gentle sloping or inclines that could make a swing tricky. When you do have your turn, have a strategy in mind for sticking to the level surfaces if you can.

The next time you visit a local mini-golf course, such as Bonanza Golf and Gifts, these tips will allow you to tweak your mini-golf game while helping you to bond even more with your kids by teaching them how they can get better too. Ask staffers nearby for even more hints and tricks for that particular location.