5 Wedding Services You Should Book In Advance

Brides and grooms have all types of budgets in mind when planning their weddings, from inexpensive backyard ceremonies to lavish, all day banquet-styled events. Whether you're going to have a modest affair or have grand plans in mind, you should make a booking with the five following wedding services providers as soon as you can to prepare for a day that you will never forget.

1. Professional Catering - You might have friends and family who are pretty good cooks volunteering to provide your wedding reception feast, but it is much better to go with a caterer for several reasons. Simply put, professional caterers know what they are doing, and they can help with seating, dinnerware, and portioning out the food for your wedding in a manner that volunteers cannot. Hire a professional catering service early so that you will know what's on the menu and be able to request changes without paying a surcharge.

2. The Wedding Planner - Even small, quaint wedding day plans can benefit from the expertise that wedding planners provide. Your wedding planner can and will aid you when you are considering entertainment choices, like bands and wedding DJs. And if something goes wrong at the last minute, your wedding planner will keep you calm so that you can focus on the most important elements of your wedding day plans. 

3. Live Wedding DJs - During the ceremony, you might only need an organ player or someone to press 'play' on the CD player, but you will want a mix of tunes to be played during the reception. Hiring a wedding DJ will enable you to know that your guests will stay occupied while you change your clothes, greet guests, and have your first dance.

4. Wedding Venue Bookings - Couples with upcoming weddings usually take their time, taking tours of multiple venues before putting down their deposits. Once your wedding venue is booked, you will be able to lock in a definitive date for your wedding. Have your wedding venue booked first so that you don't have to ask the caterers and wedding DJ to set up on a different day when they might already have other commitments.

5. Wedding Photographers - The best wedding photographers have their calendars filled up many months in advance. Having wonderful images to look back on is an important part of making wedding day plans, so have your deposit ready and a solid date to secure your preferred professional wedding photographer.