4 Private Boat Events To Celebrate & Motivate Employees

A working calendar is filled with a lot of stress and long hours. Employees often need a break to relax, forget about the day-to-day job, and feel appreciated for the effort that they put in. Instead of a party inside the office, you can take things one step further by providing your employees with a private charter trip. Sailing the open waters on your own private vessel is a great way for all the employees to interact and relax without the pressures of work.

Instead of just having an open ship, you can apply a theme to the night. These themes will help motivate employees and can become an annual celebration.

Casino Night

A lot of private charters feature small casinos, depending on the type of waterways that you are traveling on. Even if gambling for money is not legal on the boat you charter, there are a number of other ways to host casino night.

  • Casino Games: The games that you choose for the night should be group games that allow as many people to play as possible. Examples include roulette, blackjack, and poker. A large poker tournament can involve everyone and feature an elimination style format.
  • Casino Prizes: If money is not involved as a prize, then you can offer treats like gourmet desserts or bottles of wine as the prize. As an incentive for workers, fun prizes like an extended lunch break can become a great way to encourage people to play.
  • Casino Features: Aside from gambling, offer other casino trademarks like karaoke, buffet dining, or professional acts like a magician.

Team Building Events

Turn the event into a great way for employees to bond. During a team building charter, employees will work together and learn skills that can create effective communication in the office. Charters can host and run these events themselves, or you can come up with your own events.

The best types of team building events include a mix of physical and mental challenges. Break the employees into groups that must work together on a variety of activities. They will learn to delegate, recognize positive attributes of co-workers, and solve problems. The events can be the first half of the trip while meals and drinks encompass the second half.

Catered Celebrations

The ultimate goal of any employment outing is to provide a day with no work and pure celebration. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a catered celebration. Catered meals can be cooked and set up right on a private charter. Serve your employees a variety of meal options. Take the service one step further by offering a wait staff there. All of your employees can sit and relax as their meals are served to them.

Additional enhancements can come with the desserts that are served. Special treats like a chocolate fountains or a custom cake will really stand out for the employees. Before the event, it's a good idea to send out a survey to see what types of meals all of your employees prefer. This can help you select the best catering menu.

Anniversary Dinners

A lot of times employees will be celebrated when they are retiring. Instead of waiting until the end of a career, you can host a private charter to celebrate a lot of your current employees. Anniversary dinners are made to recognize the hard-working employees that have been there for numerous years. Celebrate 5 years, 10 years, and any significant work anniversary beyond that.

Co-workers can sign cards, give speeches, and feel motivated to reach the same milestones as the other workers. It's a good idea to take a single night and celebrate all of the anniversaries within that year.

With some planning and communication with the private charter, an event like this can become a memorable tradition for your business.